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My First Jenny McCarthy Fic Enjoy.

It all started with this article in The Hollywood Tattler:

"Like a Lot of Guys, Jenny McCarthy's Brother Likes Her Toes 'n' Feet!"

By Hollowtaker

Jenny McCarthy went from a Catholic schoolgirl working at a Polish deli in Chicago to Playmate of the Year. From there, she managed to parlay that success into one of the most impressive careers of any Playboy Playmate in history, first as a host on MTV's game show "Singled Out" and then as a TV and film actress.

McCarthy is known for her three things: her classic good looks; her rather "out there" sense of humor; and the fact that she seems to have a penchant for working her bare feet and toes into the many gags she does - from having Jeremy Piven suck on her toes in a hot tub to a bit she did recently on "Party at the Palms." McCarthy is barefoot as I interview her, and she wiggles her toes and flexes her feet as we turn to this topic.

"Yeah," she says, with a mischievous grin on her face, "I do work my feet and toes into a lot of gags. But it's not all me. I mean, writers and directors are responsible for some of that, aren't they?" She laughs, and then continues. "I have pretty feet and pretty toes, and I know there are a lot of guys out there who want to see 'em!" McCarthy wiggles her toes again for emphasis and says, "A lot of guys seem to have a foot and toe thing."

I ask her about the "Party at the Palms" segment. She laughs and says, "That's a good example. That's the writer at work. I had no input on the way my toes and feet figured into that one. The gist of it is that I pretend to host an 'audition' for a new movie I'm going to do that's going to be shot in Las Vegas. So, I had three guys read a scene with me, which is basically a couple fighting. The couple have to make up. So, I say something like 'Remember that thing you did to my toes?" and the script calls for them to suck on my toes. See, it's the script. The writer. Not me."

I ask her what happened when they filmed the scene. She grins and says, "One guy was real shy and just sort of held my bare foot up to his mouth, but the other two guys really went to town on my toes! They had no problem with sucking on my toes! One of them slobbered so much all over my big toe that I quipped at the end of the scene that I had to go wash my toe."

"Did you?" I ask.

"Oh, yeah!" McCarthy says with a big grin on her face. "I had to! I mean my big toe was drenched in this guy's saliva!"

I mention the Jeremy Piven thing and asks her if having her toes sucked is something she does a lot of in her film and TV appearances. "No," she says. "I mean, I'm barefoot a lot and all, and I tease people with my toes, but I don't usually let strangers suck on them, not even for a gag! The 'Party at the Palms' thing was also unusual in that my toes were unpainted. I almost always wear polish on my toes."

I tell her that I prefer her toes au naturel and that a lot of guys prefer toes without polish on them. "Oh, I know!" she says. "John used to hate it when I painted my toes! He only liked my toes sans polish! And, of course, Carl used to hate it, too!"

McCarthy and her husband John Asher had filed for divorce in August of 2005, citing irreconcilable differences. McCarthy had been married to Asher for six years. McCarthy, 32, married Asher, a 34-year-old film director, in September 1999. They met when Asher directed McCarthy in the 1999 film "Diamonds." The couple has a 3-year-old son, Evan.

No Carl. I had to know who Carl was!

"Who's Carl?" I ask.

McCarthy blushes and says, "Carl is my brother."

"Your brother?!?" I ask increduously.

"Yes," McCarthy says, appearing to grow more uncomfortable by the minute.

"Your brother was into your toes?!?" I ask.

"Oh, God," McCarthy says, "this is a whole long story - my brother and my toes. But I guess I should get this out in the open."

McCarthy pauses, looks at my face as if trying to determine if I'm to be trusted with the intimate information she's about to reveal, and then just forges ahead. "My brother, Carl," she says, "is six years younger than I am. When I was 18, and he was 12, he seemed to develop a major jones for my feet and toes."

"So, your brother was…is…a foot fetishist?" I ask.

"Oh, yeah," McCarthy says as if amazed by how much her brother likes feet, "Carl is a major foot guy. Big foot guy."

"And he was into your feet and toes?" I ask. "How'd you find that out?"

McCarthy flushes an even deeper shade of crimson. I wonder what could be this embarrassing to her, and then she tells me: "When I was 18, and he was 12, he…um…he started to…uh…do things to my feet and toes."

"What kind of things?" I ask.

"Well," McCarthy says, weighing her words carefully, "he would wait until I was asleep and he would kiss and suck my bare toes!"

"How do you know that, though?" I ask. "I mean, you were asleep."

"My sisters Jo and Amy told me," McCarthy says matter-of-factly.

"How'd they know?" I ask.

McCarthy sighs and says, "Carl told them he sucked my toes when I was asleep. They said he was lying. Carl said he could prove it. So, Carl invites them to observe his next toe-sucking, and my sisters watch in horror and disgust as my little brother creeps into my room and sucks on my toes!"

"How long after they watched this did they tell you?" I ask.

"A while," McCarthy says. "Months in fact. They thought it was some kind of joke, some kind of prank. They thought it was humorous. They watched Carl suck my toes three or four times a week for quite a few months after that. Only when Carl pushed things further did they rat him out!"

"Further?" I ask.

"Yeah," McCarthy says. "Jo walked into my room one night to pull a prank. She was going to turn the lights on and pound on a metal pan with a spoon. She thoght it would be hialrious to see me leap out of bed. We McCarthys all have very well-developed senses of humor. But…well…she got a lot more than she bargained for…." McCarthy's voice trails off.

"How so?" I ask.

McCarthy pauses again, then says, "She turned on the light, and there was my brother jerking off on my bare toes and the soles of my feet!"

"WHAT?!?" I ask incredulously. "Your brother was whacking off on your feet and toes?!?"

"Yeah," McCarthy says, visibly weirded out by the memory. "Jo flips on the light, and there's Carl at the foot of my bed with the covers rolled up to expose my bare feet and he's jerking off on my toes and the soles of my feet! I mean, he spooged all over my bare feet and toes a split second after Jo turned on the light."

"Oh, my God," I say, "how weird is that?" I pause and ask, "What happened next?"

"Well," McCarthy says, "Jo screams and says something like 'Carl, oh my God, what are you doing?!?' This wakes me up and it wakes my parents up. My dad comes bolting into the room and sees Carl with his PJs pulled down. And Carl's got his dick in his hands. And he's just spooged all over my toes and my soles. I mean, semen is dripping from my toes and running down my soles. My dad sees this, and I feel it. I mean, the semen was warm and gooey on the soles of my feet and on my toes!"

"What happened next?" I ask.

"We all freaked out!" McCarthy explains. "My dad was totally shocked, and he goes to keep my mom from coming into the room, and I'm horrified - I mean, I am about as skeeved out as a person can get - when I see my brother kneeling at the foot of my bed with his dick in his hands and I can feel his semen all wet and warm and gooey on my bare toes and on the soles of my feet! I mean, eeeeeeeeeew! How gross is that to have your little brother get off on your toes and feet and spooge all over them?!?"

"Pretty gross!" I say. Then I remember the earlier part of our conversation about Carl's preference for unpolished toes. I decide to raise the subject again, so I ask, "And you said Carl preferred your toes to be unpainted?!?"

"Yeah," McCarthy says. "A lot of guys have a preference for polish or no polish. Carl HATES painted toes!" McCarthy pauses, then adds, "That's why I generally keep my toes polished - so I can be sure my brother isn't out there drooling over them or whacking off at the sight of them!"

"That," I say, "is totally weird!"

"Tell me about it!" McCarthy says. "It is too weird for words!"

I ask her if she is estranged from her brother.

"No," McCarthy says. "My parents sent Carl to a shrink after that incident. The psychiatrist seemed to straighten Carl out. He no longer sucked on my toes or spooged on my feet! He seemed completely rehabilitated!"

"Seemed?" I ask, prompting her to explain.

"Yeah," McCarthy says. "He behaved like aperfect little gentleman after that, but…well…I still caught him staring at my hosed or bare feet on a regular basis, and…well…Ididn't have the heart to rat him out for that! So, I…um…I…uh…I just kind of ignored it. I figured there was no harm in staring!"

McCarthy pauses as if deep in thought and adds, "He got me back real good for ratting him out, though."

"How so?" I ask.

McCarthy says, "I don't want to talk about it."

McCarthy pauses, then says, "Back then, I also knew that Carl was still a total foot perv, because his high school girlfriend, Nina, later confided in me that Carl was all over her toes on a regular basis and that she gave him footjobs!" McCarthy adds, "I also noticed all of Carl's college girlfriends had gorgeous feet and toes, and his wife, Eva, has feet that are even prettier than mine!"

McCarthy looks at me with a bit of regret and says, "I just totally outed my brother as a foot perv, didn't I?"

"Yup," I say, "you did."

# # #

So, I figure it's time for me to come clean and to tell the whole sordid tale….

I know you'll like this story, because every time I told it to my college roommate, "Dig" McCaffey, he would say, "Say it isn't so! Slow down there, Speedy Gonzales, we ain't in West Virginia!" Dig bore a striking resemblance to the actor Orlando Jones.

Dig was a real cut-up. He was always losing his two prosthetic legs. He also called me "El Paso."

I remember this one time I was driving back to our frat house, and I accidentally ran over Dig. He yelled, "Hey, Mr. Magoo! You knocked my freakin' legs off! Were you even lookin' at the road, El Paso?!?"

I said, "I'm sorry! Oh, my God, I've never hit anyone before!"

Dig said, "Well, I'm glad to be your first. Hope I was gentle. Now be a friend and fetch my getaway sticks, El Paso."

"Your what?" I asked, totally clueless. "What do you...?"

Dig laughed and said, "My legs, El Paso! My legs!"

I said, "Oh, s*h*i*t!"

Dig said, "Less feces, more fetchin'. Get my legs, El Paso!"

We were all so young then! I looked a lot like Chris Klein (one of the stars of the "American Pie" movies), and my girlfriend looked a lot like Heather Graham.

But back to my sister Jenny the hottie and her lovely feet…

My sister, Jenny, is now a big shot. I mean, she was Playboy's Miss October in 1993, and Playmate of the Year in 1994. She was an MTV VJ, hosted that MTV series called "Singled Out," and starred in her own MTV series, "The Jenny McCarthy Show." She also starred in a failed sitcom titled "Jenny," and she's been in a bunch of movies, like "Baseketball," "Scream 3," and "Diamonds."

I'm six years younger than she is, and this incident took place in 1990, when Jenny was 18 years old, and I was 12.

I know you probably all think foot incest is gross, and, well, it is, but can you really be expected to help yourself when your sister is Jenny McCarthy?!? I think not!

As I think most of you know, my sister Jenny is a major league hottie!!! She is an extremely attractive and incredibly well-endowed young woman. She is about 5'7". Her breasts are huge! They are also ample, round and firm. Her waist is trim and slender. Her hips are incredibly curvaceous and sexy. Her legs are long, smooth and shapely. She has thin, delicately-shaped ankles and gorgeous feet. She has an exceptionally pretty face; full lips; a bright smile (her teeth are perfect); a wonderful laugh and dazzlingly bluish hazel-green eyes. Her pretty face is perfectly accentuated by her shoulder-length, blonde hair.


Once I started becoming capable of being aroused, just the thought of my sister Jenny and her gorgeous bod would give me an enormous boner! But what really drove me wild were her feet!!!

My sister Jenny wears a size eight shoe, and her feet are gorgeous! The balls of her feet are rather ample and pronounced, and she has a nice arch. This makes her soft, creamy soles rather curvaceous. She has narrow heels. Her feet are large, long and narrow. They widen out steadily from her midfeet forward. Jenny's toes are perfect!!! Her big toes are quite prominent. They are large and long and a bit squared off at their tips. The plump undersides at the tips of her smaller toes resemble little grapes. Her feet are always carefully pedicured. My sister knows she has hot feet, and she really takes good care of them!

Back in 1990 - when she was 18, and I was 12 - I had been staring at her feet ever since I can remember. I started jerking off to visions of Jenny's feet as soon as I was old enough for my equipment to work. I mean, she was just a few short years away from being a Playboy Playmate!!!

I used to sneak under the dining room table or Jenny's desk and take pictures of her incredibly beautiful feet. I would then jerk off to these pictures.

One day I couldn't stand it any longer! I knew I had to have my sister Jenny's feet!!!

She was a senior in high school, and she radiated sex the way the sun radiates heat. Every guy in her high school wanted to boink her brains out. In fact, every male teacher in her high school wanted to boink her brains out!

I didn't want to boink her! Well…not really anyway - I mean she is my sister after all!!! I only wanted to do all sorts of kinky things to her feet and toes.

On this particular winter day back in our place in Chicago, Jenny had worn a snug, gray turtleneck sweater blouse that really showed off her breasts; a short navy blue skirt; sheer, tannish pantyhose and dark, navy blue pumps. Jenny had just come in from school, and her feet were killing her. She nudged her pumps off in quick succession, letting them each drop with a clacking noise on the parquet wood floor of our living room. The pumps were fairly new, and they had been pinching her feet all day. She set her freshly liberated hosed feet down on the carpet, wiggled her toes in their nylon sheaths, smiled and sighed with relief. Ah, she thought, this is more like it! My tootsies can breathe again!

Jenny padded in her nyloned feet over to one of the two sofas in our living room. She plopped down on the sofa, and she crossed her right leg over her left. She then reached down and massaged the nylon clad toes of her right foot. I looked at my sister Jenny's nyloned feet and felt a slight tingling in my groin. Jenny's feet were so perfectly shaped and carefully pedicured. The tingling in my groin metamorphosed slowly but surely into an erection. God, but my sister is a total hottie with lovely feet! I thought.

Jenny jiggled her nyloned right foot a bit and then wiggled and flexed her nylon encased toes. Jenny jiggled her foot and wiggled her toes because motion always seems to help ease whatever itching and burning radiated through her feet. I was practically drooling as I stared at Jenny's nyloned feet. I was absolutely transfixed by her wiggling toes!

I had positioned myself on a chair opposite where Jenny was sitting so that I could gaze at her nyloned feet while pretending to read. I stared at my sister's nyloned feet with intense interest. I also started rubbing my crotch as discreetly as I could as I stared at my sister's scrumptious nyloned feet. I fixed my gaze again on Jenny's wiggling toes. They were fairly visible to me through the slight, tannish opacity of her pantyhose. I looked longingly at my sister's toes.

I imagined cutting a hole in Jenny's right stocking along the length of her big toe and peeling the nylon away from her toe the way one would peel the skin from a banana. I thought that, in many ways, the smooth, white underside of my sister's big toe looked just like a little banana. I then visualized myself hoovering the s*h*i*t out of my sister's exposed big toe. In my mind, Jenny would moan with pleasure as I sucked on her big toe. I continued to fantasize, rubbed my crotch as discreetly as I could, and gazed lovingly at my sister Jenny's shapely feet.

I was just about to blow my load, when Jenny closed the book she was reading, smiled at me, and said, "I'm going to go study in Dad's study. I need some room to work on my math homework."

"Okay," I said, doing my best to hide my erection.

Jenny looked at my crotch and said, "Jesus, Carl, nice pup tent! What are you fantasizing about one of those girls on that new show 'Beverly Hills 90210' or that Christina Applegate on 'Married with Children' or one of the girls on that show 'Saved by the Bell' or something? Are there nudie pictures in that book you're reading?"

I couldn't tell her the truth! I couldn't tell my own sister, "No, sis, I wasn't fantasizing about any of those actresses. There are no nudie pictures in this book. I was staring at your gorgeous feet and imagining all the perverted things I want to do to your succulent toes! I want to f*u*c*k your feet! I want to suck your toes!" So, instead, I just shrugged and flushed red with embarrassment.

"Sheesh, Carl," Jenny said, smiling, "you're a walking hormone!"

Jenny slipped her nyloned feet back into her pumps and went into our dad's study. She then sat down in our dad's enormous wooden desk and started studying. Jenny was so intent on her homework that she was totally oblivious to the fact that I had tiptoed into the room and crawled to the front of the desk at which she was sitting. The desk had an open front, and I positioned myself so that I was face-to-goodies with her legs and feet.


Jenny opened her math text and crossed her right leg over her left. She popped her heel out of her right pump and dangled the shoe from the very tips of her nyloned toes. She jiggled her foot, and the shoe swung seductively from her toe tips. After a few minutes, she reached down and took her right shoe off. She then slipped her nyloned left foot out of her other shoe. She placed her shoes on the wooden floor.

Jenny wiggled her toes in their nylon sheaths, smiled and sighed with relief. The pumps she was wearing had been pinching her feet all day. Ah, she thought, this is more like it! I should go barefoot or walk around in my nyloned feet all the time! She reached down below the desk and gently massaged the nylon-encased toes of her right foot. My feet and toes really hurt! she thought. She pushed back a bit from the desk, and I moved quickly to one side of the desk's open front so that she could not see me from her new vantage point.

Jenny looked at her nyloned right foot and sighed. She saw through her stockings that her her heels, the sides of her feet and the tops of all her toes were slightly red from where her shoes had chafed them. She then stared more closely at her prominent big toes. They were practically throbbing from having been jammed into the narrow toe box of her new pumps. Jenny wiggled her nyloned toes again, flexing them luxuriantly in the open air.

Jenny returned to her math homework. She flexed the toes of her right foot skyward and downward and constantly wiggled and flexed the toes of both her nyloned feet. All the motion seemed to ease the pain that radiated through her feet. She also reached down occasionally to absent-mindedly massage the tender toes of her right foot or rub her instep. Every thirty seconds or so, she pinched and massaged the area at the base of her big toe, too. Her right foot hurt more than her left foot.

I watched Jenny for well over an hour, gaping at her hosed legs, her gorgeous tootsies, and her totally succulent piggies as she did her math homework. Her legs and feet were so totally gorgeous, and I got an instant erection. Jenny's right leg was crossed over her left, and she was pointing her big toe toward the ceiling as she jiggled her foot. The long, plump underside of her big toe did look very much like a peeled banana, and I loved bananas! I wanted so bad to see what Jenny's big toe tasted like! I wanted to suck on it like there was no tomorrow!

I lost track of time. Jenny startled me by uncrossing her legs and stretching her shapely legs out in front of her, resting her heels on the floor and pointing her toes skyward. I moved closer to Jenny's feet as quietly as I could until I was face-to-soles with the bottoms of Jenny's nyloned feet. Her nyloned toes are so close! I thought. I could do anything to her toes I wanted to, and she wouldn't even know it was coming! I could lean over and suck on one of her plump and juicy big toes, and she wouldn't even know what hit her! My reverie was broken when Jenny wiggled her toes.

I leaned in close to the underside of Jenny's nyloned toes and inhaled deeply. I luxuriated in the heavenly odor of sweat, leather, nylon, and feet that emanated from Jenny's toes. I had to use all my will power to keep myself from grabbing one of her nyloned feet and just attacking her toes. I wanted so much to suck, lick, and nibble her toes!

My trouser snake seemed to have grown to the size of a python as I drooled over my sister's feet and toes. I thought I might have a spontaneous orgasm!

After more than an hour of working through math problems, Jenny closed her book. I scooted away from the desk just as she stood up.

I fantasized about Jenny's feet all through dinner. I imagined putting gravy or mashed potatoes or any number of items of food on her toes and then sucking and licking all of whatever it was I had smeared on them off her toes.

"Mom," Jenny said, "those new pumps I bought fit really well in the store, but they pinched the heck out of my feet and toes all day today! It felt like I had baby snapping turtles nipping at my toes and feet!"

"That happens sometimes with new shoes, Jenny," our mom said.

"Well," Jenny said, "I wish I could walk around in my nyloned feet or go barefoot all the time!"
Jenny McCarthy Is Cute And I Like Her Feet. So I Wrote A Fanfic About Her.
stillevolving Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2011
Nicely done. I love her feet
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