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Footsie - Unexpurgated
By Hollowtaker
A rather strange little story about girls with odd toes.

Biology 101 could be such a pain.

Cassie squirmed in her seat as the lecture droned on and on. Beginning
genetics - She knew this stuff forwards and backwards, and soon tuned out
the instructor's voice.  Her eyes roamed around the room, looking with
interest at her new classmates, assessing and dismissing as they moved. Her
eyes eventually came to rest on a tall blonde seated a few rows ahead and
several rows over.

Cassie smiled to herself as she watched the blonde cross and re-cross her
long legs.  She seemed to be as bored and uncomfortable as Cassie was. As
if catching Cassie's thought, the blonde glanced back over her shoulder.  
Their eyes met for a few seconds, then the blonde, with a small grin and a
smaller nod, turned her attention back to the front of the room.

Cassie thoughtfully nodded her head, and then realized that the
instructor was winding down her lecture.

"...some of the many traits influenced by inheritance.  For tomorrow, I
want a list of twenty characteristics that are determined by genetics alone.  
Find a partner and prepare your paper.  Be ready to present it, discuss,

Cassie tuned out again, quickly packed her notes away and headed for
the door.  Once outside, she leaned against a wall and lit a Marlboro,
watching the mob of students pushing past.  She spied the blonde and
straightened.  To Cassie's surprise, the blonde, rather than drifting by
with the others, stopped directly in front of her.

The blonde didn't say anything, but deliberately looked up and down
Cassie's long body.  Cassie just as deliberately looked the blonde over.  
Hmmm - Longish hair, cute face, blue eyes.  Full breasts evident under a
Georgetown T-shirt, long, long, bare legs.

Their eyes met again, the blonde's having a mischievous gleam.  One
of her eyebrows raised elegantly in query.

"Well?" she asked.  "Any interest?"  She paused.  "In being partners,
I mean?"

Cassie grinned and blew out a long stream of smoke.  "'Louie, this
could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.'"  She tossed her cigarette
aside, then straightened and held out a long arm.  "I'm Cassie.  Partners
it is."

The blonde smiled back and gave Cassie's hand a firm grip.  "Cassie,
I'm pleased to meet you.  I'm Samantha, but if you call me that I'll kick your
ass.  Call me Sam."

"Sam it is, then.  Listen, I gotta run.  My Anthropology class starts in
five minutes.  How about if we meet downstairs at Alec's at 10 tonight?"

"Sounds good, Cassie.  See you then and there."

Cassie felt Sam watching her as she strode away.  "This," she thought
to herself, "Could be interesting..."

Ten o'clock found the two girls sprawled out on couches in a study
carrel in the lower level of Alec's, a campus vending area, meeting place and
occasional group study area.  Led Zeppelin was playing softly in the
background as the girls opened their notebooks.

They began comparing notes on inherited traits.  Sam went first.  
"Well, I think I've got the basics here - blood type, eye color, hair color,
hemophilia, Huntington's Chorea, the ability to roll your tongue into a 'U',
diabetes, sickle-cell anemia..."

"Wait," Cassie interrupted.  "LeTourneau specifically said 'genetics
alone.'  Diabetes is affected by diet as well - you can inherit a predisposition
for the disease, but..."

Sam grimaced.  "Yeah, you're right.  Cross that off.  What do you

Cassie checked her notes.  "I've got what you had - plus attached ear
lobes and general body type.  Oh, and..." She hesitated, then continued.  
(Here, dear reader, is where things start spinning out of control.  Thank God,
though, else there would be no story but a continued boring summary of basic

"I put down prehensile toes..." Cassie looked up at Sam, expecting a
look of confusion or incomprehension, but saw that Sam was smiling and

"Cool!" Sam said, pointing to her own notes.  "I had that down too, but
didn�t dare say it."

"Do you...?"  Cassie gasped.

"Yeah!"  Sam laughed back, shaking her head in disbelief.  "Me, too!  
This is weird.  Maybe we're long-lost sisters."

Both girls looked down at the other's feet.  Cassie realized with a start
that Sam's feet were pretty damn big, maybe even as big as her own.  Cassie
bent down and unlaced her sneakers, watching as Sam pulled off her
moccasins.  They both pulled off their socks and broke into laughter when
they saw the other's toes.

"That�s why I never wear sandals or thongs!" Sam sputtered.

"Me, either!" Cassie exclaimed.  "Or go barefoot."

Both girls' feet were long and narrow, but the most unusual
characteristics were their preternaturally long toes.  Cassie spread her toes
wide, and moved each individually.  Her toes looked like short fingers, with
well-trimmed, manicured nails.

"This is really getting weird," Sam muttered, spreading and wriggling
her own toes.  She leaned closer to Cassie, glancing around the room to see if
anyone was watching them.  Eyes gleaming, she asked, "What can you do?"

"Pick things up, like marbles or sticks.  Pop grapes.  I've even played
the piano, if you can believe it."

Sam cleared her throat and looked around again.  She leaned even
closer and whispered, "Ever toe wrestle?"

There was a long breathless pause as the girls sat motionless, staring at
each other.  Eyes still on Sam's, Cassie leaned back on the couch.  "You,
woman, are looking at the undefeated all-time toe-wrestling champion of
Millard Fillmore High School of Des Moines, Iowa!"

Cassie stared at Sam.  Sam Stared at Cassie.  Slow grins crossed their
faces.  Sam said, in a suddenly husky voice, "Let�s go to my place!"

(The writer now humbly abandons all pretext of reality as things begin
to get weird and kinky, and - he hopes - fun.)

Fifteen minutes later, after a quick stop at an all-night corner grocery,
the two giggling girls slipped into Sam's third floor apartment.  Within
seconds of walking into the room, they had shed shoes and socks, and were
showing off their own talents and marveling at each other�s abilities.  Sam
opened a bag and dumped a large pile of grapes onto the floor.  Both proved
adept at picking up individual grapes.  Cassie showed how she could squeeze
them hard enough to pop them, and Sam quickly got the hang of it.

Several times while they were experimenting, they made contact with
their feet or toes.  They eventually went into the bathroom, where Sam turned
on the tub water tap with her toes.  After they washed the sticky residue off
their feet, Cassie retrieved a nearby towel, and they dried off.  

Finally, Cassie sat down in the middle of the floor, extending her legs
out in front of her.  "Okay," she said.  "Show and Tell time.  Whose are
bigger?"  Sam laughed and sat down facing Cassie, her legs extended as well.  
They carefully positioned their feet together, sole-to-sole, and stretched their
toes as much as they could.  Cassie almost shuddered as their feet made
contact.  They looked closely at their joined feet.

"God, Cassie," Sam murmured, almost in awe.  "I never thought I�d
meet anyone with feet as big as mine.  They're almost identical."

Cassie merely nodded in agreement, not yet trusting her voice to speak.  
She spread her toes wide.  Sam matched her, and her toes slipped between
Cassie's, just like fingers can link together.  The women leaned back a little,
with their hands on the floor behind them, bracing themselves on their arms.  
They pressed their heels together and pushed!

For each it was like pushing against the accelerator of a car, except that
this accelerator pushed back.  Calf and thigh muscles tensed, leaping into
sudden action.  In addition to the pressure exerted against their soles, their
toes squeezed the other�s.

Cassie clenched her teeth, surprised by both the force exerted against
her straining foot and the feeling that her toes were caught in a vise.  She
squeezed back and saw Sam wince.  Their legs quivered and braced arms
trembled as they tried to force the other�s feet back.  Cassie's ankles felt as if
they were on fire.  Sam grinned tightly at Cassie, and Cassie had to smile
back, albeit through gritted teeth.

After several minutes of straining, Cassie felt her feet being forced
back, and her Achilles tendon being stretched.  She squeezed harder.  Sam's
grin slipped, and her expression turned grim and determined.  Toes cramping,
muscles aching, Cassie struggled to resist Sam's pressure.  Finally, afraid her
Achilles would rupture, Cassie couldn�t take it anymore and grunted her

Cassie managed to get up on one elbow and looked over at Sam.  
"Wow!" was all she could manage.

"Wow, indeed.  I guess you�re not undefeated any longer, eh, Cassie?"  
Sam smiled, pulling herself back up to a seated position.

Cassie smiled back.  "Well, that wasn't exactly the contest I had in
mind," she said mildly.  She untangled her toes from Sam's and resettled
herself on the floor, this time tucking her left leg under her, leaving only her
right leg outstretched.  Sam looked quizzically at Cassie, then matched her

Cassie lined up their feet, then slid her big toe into the space between
Sam's big and second toe.  The balls of their feet met, and Cassie gave a little
push, trying to twist Sam's foot over towards the floor.  Sam grinned in
understanding and settled herself.  Cassie nodded once, and they began.

It was somewhat like arm-wrestling, with the linked big toes the
equivalent of the locked hands, the upright feet being the arms, and the heels,
planted on the floor, analogous to the planted elbows in arm-wrestling.

For at least a minute they remained almost motionless, flexed and
trembling leg muscles the only indication of their struggle.  Sam began to
force Cassie's foot over.  Cassie, determined not to lose this battle, fought her
off.  Slowly she forced Sam back upright, then down.  Sam bounced on her
butt as she struggled to resist Cassie's efforts.  This time Cassie wasn't to be
denied as, her face contorted in effort and pain, she kept on twisting and
forcing Sam's foot over until Sam gasped, "You win! Stop!"

Cassie immediately stopped twisting and their feet returned to an
upright and locked position.  Sam was breathing hard as she gave Cassie a
rueful grin.  "Wow!" she said.  "You�ve got really strong feet!"

Cassie laughed at the inherent absurdity of that statement and unlinked
her foot from Sam's.  She didn�t move away, though, and neither did Sam.  
They relaxed, trying to relieve their aching leg muscles.  Cassie felt Sam's
foot move up her leg, toes and sole now rubbing against her calf.

Cassie slid her foot up as well and began massaging Sam's calf.  They
slid closer together as their toes continued their wandering up the other's leg,
past the knee and to the inside of the other's thigh.

Their eyes met again.  Cassie looked for any sign that Sam was
uncomfortable with the direction their teasing was going, but couldn't see
anything in her eyes but amusement and pleasure.  She was wondering just
how far to go when Sam answered the question for her.  Cassie felt Sam's
exploring toes carefully pull her shorts away from her skin and squirm further
up her leg,

Simultaneously, both girls reached the Promised Land.  Cassie felt a
twinge of embarrassment when she realized that she was wet, and that Sam
would soon recognize her aroused state.  Embarrassment gave way to
surprised pleasure when her exploring toe found that Sam was just as wet and
ready as she was.

Both girls moaned as feet pressed firmly against their mounds.  Sam's
head came down, but her eyes never left Cassie's as they both began rubbing
harder and more rhythmically against the other's mons.  

The entire length of their right legs was now in contact. Toes were
busy squirming and fighting to get in under the panties.  Sam moaned as
Cassie solved the puzzle first and slowly spread her apart and entered her.  
Cassie's smile gave way to a gasp of delight and her eyes opened wide as she
felt Sam's toe slide up and into her pussy a moment later.  Slowly and
rhythmically the two rocked back and forth, toes sliding deeper inside with
each movement, first only the big toe, then another.

Eyes still locked, they kept on with their movements, trying to toe-fuck
the other to orgasm.  Cassie bit back a groan as Sam's foot rubbed her
engorged clit.  Desperately she rubbed harder and further and faster.

Faster and faster they fucked, both of them now on the brink of
orgasm, yet determined not to cum until the other did.  Harder and rougher,
bodies bouncing on the floor as they rammed together - again - and again -
and again!

Sam's head went back and Cassie knew she had her on the absolute
edge.  She was gathering her scattered thoughts to make one more effort
when she felt Sam's toes wriggle within her and she couldn�t hold it any
longer and she came.

She was vaguely aware that Sam had her own orgasm a split-second
later, but she was too caught up in the waves of warmth and pleasure that
overtook her own body to really care.

Several minutes later the two girls lay on the floor.  Sam looked over at
Cassie with glazed eyes and the widest, most satisfied smile Cassie had ever
seen.  With almost a purr, Sam got to her knees and crawled over to where
Cassie lay flat on her back.  Cassie couldn't control her own big, lazy grin as
Sam leaned over her, long hair tickling Cassie's face.  Sam leaned down and
her lips met Cassie's in a slow, pleasurable kiss.

Cassie looked up.  "Partner," she finally murmured.  "I'll play footsie
with you any day."  Words were then impossible as the two kissed again.
Warning This Story Contains Extreme Foot Fetish.
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