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Tracy McCarthy Info
This the profile of my new OC Tracy McCarthy a Psychic martial artist from Hawaii and master of the mysterious "Yoga" fighting style who had a rough childhood growing up but become a calm adult.
Name: Tracy McCarthy
Height: 5'8
Weight: 150 lbs
Birthdate 7/5/1985
Birthplace: Honolulu,Hawaii 
Nickname: The Psychic Mistress of Martial Arts
Fighting Style: Esoteric Yoga and Capoeira
Likes : Meditation, Elephants, protecting his village and loved ones
Dislikes: Meat, Violence and Corrupted Powers
Favorite Sports: Swimming and Water Polo
Favorite Music: Old School Rock and Roll
Japanese Name: トレイシー ・ マッカーシー     
(Early Life)
Hawaii is a beautiful place for a vacation this state have attracted many foreigners to relax but one of the most popular area Honolulu is a Capoeira school this place owned by the McCarthy family who taught students about self defense but their one girl different
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Bryan Valentine Info
This is the new info of my OC Bryan Valentine a legendary martial artist who also a businessman who hosts many fighting tournaments he also have a friendly rivalry with Jordan Vermilion and also friends with Jun Kazama since they train in the same style Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts and also chi techniques from the Hakkyokuseiken school make him a fighter people fear and respect and maybe someday he will retire peacefully but for he will continue training and support his wife and kids.
Name: Bryan Valentine
Date of Birth 1/7/1950
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5
Weight: 225 lbs
Nickname: The Eternal Rose
Personality:Brash,Intelligent and Reckless
Birthplace: Los Angeles,CA
Japanese Name: ブライアンバレンタイン
Families: Maria Valentine (Wife), Hayate Valentine (Son) 
Job/Occupation: CEO of Valentine Connection and police commissioner of Los Angeles
Likes: His Family
Dislikes: People who stop
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Alice Mcpherson Info
This will be a another info about my new OC Alice Mcpherson a Women who wants reenge against her father who was killed by Anthony Vermilion she goes to Japan and meets Dan Hibiki to her in the art of Saikyo-ryu.
Name: Alice Mcpherson
DOB: 7/4/1990
Gender: Female
Height: 5'10
Weight: 210 lbs
Nickname: The Fair lady of MMA
Birthplace: Beverly Hills,CA
Fighting Style: Saikyō Ryū Karate and Taikyokuken (T'ai Chi Quan) 
Japanese Name: アリス マクファーソン
Likes: Taunting People, her father, and hanging out with Melisa
Dislikes: evildoers, Anthony Vermilion, People who talks behind her back
Hobbies: Breaking tiles and karaoke
Favorite Food:Any kind of Fruit and Vegetables
Favorite Music: Any kind of Music
Job/Occupation: Dojo Master and Bartender     
(Early Life)
Alice's Father Micheal was a mixed martial artist and a rival of Anthony Vermilion During a tourname
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Hayato Valentine Info
The next info will be about Hayate Valentine Jordan's childhood friend and rival he is also a ninja as well that's why spend his time at Japan to home his skills.
Name: Hayato Valentine
DOB: 5/5/1990
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3
Weight: 200 lbs
Nickname: The Cunning Fox
Birthplace: Los Angles,CA
Japanese Name: 隼人のバレンタイン
Fighting Style: Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu, Koppoken (attacks against bones) and Aikido
Job/Occupation: Ninja
Favorite Food: Fermented Soybean (Natto), Spaghetti
Dislikes: Dogs and Wolves
Favorite Sports: Short-Track Cycling
Likes: Pictures from his times in training (with his master Andy Bogard) and Meditation
(Early Life)
Hayate and his childhood friend Jordan grew up together and and raised themselves on the streets which involve fighting although a orphan the Vermilion Family loves Hayate and raised them as a third son however unlike their son Jordan Hayate also loves to g
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Melissa Anne Heartily Pic :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 2 1
Melissa Anne Heartily Info
The next info is about Melissa Anne Heartily Jordan's girlfriend and now wife she is a MMA fighter who loves a good challenge and protect her family whatever harm comes to them she also friendly if you don't get on her bad side.  
Name: Melissa Anne Heartily
Date of Birth: 3/7/1989
Gender: Female
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs
Nickname: The Courageous White Tiger
Birthplace: Concord,CA (Formerly) Now lives in South Lake Tahoe,CA
Japanese Name: メリッサ アン心から
Romanized Name: Merissa Anshin Kara
Like: Her Family, Training with her Family, Video Games,listing to music And watching Horse Racing
Family/Relatives: Jordan Vermilion (Husband),Haruka Vermilion (Mother in-law),Anthony Vermillion (Brother in-law),Natsumi Vermilion (Sister in-law)
Job/Occupation: Housewife and Fighter
Favorite Food: Any kind of Pasta
Favorite Sports: Horse Racing and Baseball
Favorite Music:Classical Opera and Classic Rock
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My New OC Jordan Vermillion new look with shades :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 1 0 My New OC Jordan Vermillion new look :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 1 0 Strawberry Logo :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 0 0 My Own Logo :iconhollowtaker:Hollowtaker 1 1
Natsumi Vermilion Info
The next info is about Natsumi Vermilion Jordan and Anthony's sister she was a damsel in distress but later train with her brothers to become stronger to protect herself from any harm that comes this is a Femme Fatale you don't want to mess with.
Name: Natsumi Vermilion
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8
Weight: 185 lbs
Nickname: The Spunky Lioness 
Personality: Smart,Brash, and Clumsy
Birthplace: South Lake Tahoe,CA (Formerly) Now lives in Sacramento,CA
Japanese Name: ナツミ・バーミリオン
Romanzied Name: Natsumi Bāmirion
Like: Her Family, Training with her Brothers, Video Games, And Loves Going to Nightclubs
Family/Relatives: Anthony Vermillion (Brother) Juste Vermilion (Father,deceased) Haruka Vermilion (Mother) Jordan Vermilion (Brother)  
Job/Occupation: Restaurant Waiter
Favorite Food: Any kind of Soups and Pastries
Favorite Sports: Soccer and Swimming
Favorite Musi
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Helena: Beach Volleyball Photoshoot 3 :iconshadowninjamaster:ShadowNinjaMaster 39 52 Commission 54: Anne Takamaki :iconhirokada:hirokada 13 9 NaruTen: New Year's Midnight Dance of Love :iconjupmod:JuPMod 148 18 NaruTen: Marriage of Love (Close-up) :iconjupmod:JuPMod 202 34 Fetish Through Time :iconmostlyfunstuff:MostlyFunStuff 233 19 Yuri Oh :icongintuk:gintuk 27 3
Mature content
Karin (Street Fighter) Foot Worship :iconkslider:Kslider 26 2
Chousen summer dress :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 54 3 Benkei pool date :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 68 5 Kanu date :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 86 7 Temari :iconmagion02:magion02 679 20
Comm: Training with the best! (Part 1)
~Hi! This is a AU universe commission mixed in with the Digimon Adventure 02 and Bleach fandom. One OC added in the mix. This story will be in parts.~
`Sometimes, a day can turn out to be a bad one, or so you think. A person who was having a bad day was a boy named Tai Kamiya. He had been waiting for months on a upcoming Judo match against one of his rivals. He has trained for a very long time in order to get fit. He played soccer, which was one of his main passions, but he also liked Judo. Judo would help him be able to play his favorite sport better because he was stronger. During the match, he got embarrassed and humiliated. Worst part was, a lot of people were watching, including all of his friends. Tai did not want to talk to anyone after that happened. He would not answer his phone. His pride had been shattered along with his reputation. His rival beat him while rubbing it in his face.
    "Hey. Tai. Are you in there?" Outside the door was his younger
:iconcherry-the-ninja:Cherry-the-ninja 2 2
I think you are now ready... :iconrobaato:Robaato 1,565 45
Mature content
Leech seed! :iconreati1:reati1 216 36
Motherly Peach :iconorihimetenjho:OrihimeTenjho 42 5 Zinnia and Aster :iconhurricanedragon:HurricaneDragon 36 2


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Jordan Valentine
United States
My Name Is Hollowtaker I'm a Great Who Loves To Play Video Games And Do Some Traveling.
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Facts about me

1. I love video Games
2. I love to travel
3. I keep my room clean
4. I hate heights
5. I eat sweets all the time
6. I love country rock music
7. I love reading stories.
8. I'm always happy
9. I love reading Magazines
10. I love watching TV
11. I collect some posters
12. I love Baseball
13. I love eating at Mcdonalds

My Answers 

1. Country Rock
2. Star Kids III
3. I don't watch the show
4. Adventure
5. Hero
6. No I don't play Guitar Hero
7. Sonya Blade
8. Nicholas Shay
9. Oatmeal
10. Me and you and you and me
11. N/A
12. Yes
13. Yes your question are good 
  • Listening to: Video Game OST
  • Reading: The Offical Playstation Magazine
  • Watching: 1000 Ways To Die
  • Playing: Halo Reach
  • Eating: Quaker Qats Oatmeal
  • Drinking: Orange Juice


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